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Pool Table BL-1993

Pool Table BL-1993

6 ft - external dimension: 86,2" x 50" (219 cm x 127 cm), playing surface: 71,6" x 35,8" (182 cm x 91 cm), weight: with wooden plate 220lbs (100 kg), with slate plate 440lbs (200 kg)

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Pool Table BL-1993

Pool Table BL-1993 defines billiard tables new. It is a real design product in its modern form as well as with its unusual combination of colours.

Especially striking is its cubistic base on which the frame is placed. In order to get an aesthetic effect, the frame and the base are often ordered in some contrast colours; the mostly preferred colour combination is black und white, but the parts can also be ordered in a unique colour. This wide range of colours offer you the optimal possibility of fitting the table with the surroundings.

The optional Italian slate plate that is placed on the cover makes the table quiet and gives to it a perfect dynamic.

Because of its high leg comfort and its striking design, BL-1993 ist often used in its dinning and meeting table option.

This table is, like any of our tables, a professional billiard table that can be used for playing or, covered, as a dinning and meeting table.

BL-1993 - it is more than just a dining table!

Creating BL-1993 we recreated the way of building billiard tables. With its unique design it fits with modern living areas, kitchens and meeting rooms because it perfectly unites comfort with use.

BL-1993 shows a sturdy construction and its digestion is on the highest level. It is standardly supplied like a high-class tournament table. Using of an Italian slate plate placed on a wooden support makes the table soft and creates an excellent dynamic. The billiard table is built and supplied standardly tournament way so that one is able to play professionally

The convert from billiard table into dinning table takes place within few seconds. You just push up the leather nets and cover the table with a glass or wooden top that is it and you can welcome your guests! At a first sight you can not realise that the perfect dinning table is in real a high-class billiard table.

Technical Details:
Materials: beech or oak, solid frame, veneered stand

Table colour: you may choose among various ones whitch you find in our range of colours. Our tables are stained and varnished standardly. Tables in natural colour can also be offered oiled.

Billiard cloth: standardly we use our own-label cloths in colours of blue, green and Bordeaux. For additional charge we offer tournament cloths by Iwan Simonis in various colours in accordance with our range of colours.

Playing plate: one-piece wooden or slate plate in a thickness of 6ft - 19 mm, 7ft - 19 mm, 8ft - 19 mm, 9ft - 25 mm. The plates are additionally placed on a wooden support whitch makes a total thickness of 40 mm. This fact makes the table soft and creates an excellent dynamic.

Tops: if wished, the tables can be supplied with covers which can be used as a dinning or a meeting top.

Table size for pool and snooker:
6 ft - external dimension: 219 cm x 127 cm, playing surface: 182 cm x 91 cm
7 ft - external dimension: 236 cm x 135 cm, playing surface: 198 cm x 99 cm
8 ft - external dimension: 260 cm x 148 cm, playing surface: 224 cm x 112 cm
9 ft - external dimension: 290 cm x 163 cm, playing surface: 254 cm x 127 cm

Table size for carambolage
Nr. 1 - external dimension: 217 cm x 127 cm, playing surface: 180 cm x 90 cm
Nr. 2 - external dimension: 247 cm x 142 cm, playing surface: 210 cm x 105 cm
Nr. 3 - external dimension: 267 cm x 152 cm, playing surface: 230 cm x 115 cm

This type can be offerd in following variants: pool table, snooker table, carambolage table, Russian pyramid. If wished, we can also offer some individual designed variants.

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